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mitt-romney.jpg There is great angst among pro-family activists who have led the fight against homosexual activism about Mitt Romney’s liberal social record — that is, the one he is now running away from. The most principled pro-family activists in Romney’s home state of Massachusetts are the most troubled by his presidential candidacy. They don’t trust him.

And neither do homosexual activists like the Log Cabin Republicans, which is running anti-Romney ads in Iowa highlighting his flip-flog on abortion and gun control. Funny how the TV ad that Log Cabin produced says absolutely nothing about homosexuality (ostensibly their defining issue), although it does use their code-word for bashing Christian conservatives: “religious extremists.”

Listen HERE to John Haskins of the Parents Rights Coalition in Massachusetts explain how then-Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney made the unnecessary and, Haskins reminds us, illegal decision to pass out “same-sex marriage” licenses. Haskins explains how Romney’s “gay marriage” act violated the state constitution and, perhaps most shockingly, fulfilled a 2002 campaign promise he made to Massachusetts Log Cabin Republican activists not to lead the charge against homosexual “marriage” — as the New York Times reports HERE. (The New York Times story is a devastating revelation of Romney’s late conversion to crusader against “same-sex marriage”/”civil unions.”)

To listen to Chicago talk show host and FOX News contributor Sandy Rios’ interview with Haskins, click HERE. Parents Rights Coalition is affiliated with MassResistance. — Peter LaBarbera