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hillary-clinton.jpgI posted the following note in reponse to a “One News Now” (American Family Association news service) article about Sen. Hillary Clinton accepting an invitation to speak at Pastor Rick Warren’s upcoming Global AIDS Summit at Warren’s Saddleback Church:

I hope this conference deals with an important aspect of the AMERICAN HIV/AIDS crisis, too. Incredible as it may seem, 24/7 homosexual bathhouses where men go for anonymous sexual liaisons with other men are flourishing in big cities across the nation. Will Pastor Warren and Hillary Clinton condemn these sex clubs and offer a plan to shut them down? These bathhouses — advertised heavily in the gay media and on gay “hook-up” websites, present an extra danger to women in that they are frequented by men — some married — who do not identify as “gay” but engage in sex with other men. These men with a homosexual problem present a danger to their unknowing female spouses by serving as a conduit for HIV transmission. There is simply NO REASON this far into the AIDS crisis not to have these bathhouses shut down. Please, Mr. Warren, use your great influence to deal with this crisis right here in the USA!

Peter LaBarbera, Republicans For Family Values ( For identification purposes only, LaBarbera is also founder and president of Americans For Truth (