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Well, Republicans For Family Values has already attracted the attention of some homosexual activist bloggers. Jeremy Hooper of the “Good As You” blog wishes us success, albeit with his usual bitter twist. Thanks, Jeremy, sort of….

Hooper writes on learning of RFFV (emphasis added):

We actually couldn’t be happier! After all, it takes a village to make the “pro-family” social conservatives and their political heroes look mean-spirited, discriminatory, and out-of-touch with American ideals. Thanks to Peter’s new foray, we’ll have another voice who’ll highlight just how crazy we’d all have to be in this country to even consider another president who caters to the true radical extremists of this world: those who have hijacked morality and placed themselves on a moral pedestal to which homosexuals and Democrats can never reach.

Love the subtlety. I suppose this is Jeremy’s version of re-stating the liberal bumper-sticker message: “Mean People Suck.” Half of liberal argumentation comes down to that. Yep, because we assert that homosexual behaivor is always wrong, we’re “mean,” discriminatory, and — oh yes — truly radical extremists. Ouch. Maybe Hooper should have named his site, “Better Than You,” to reflect the escalating hubris of the ‘GLBT’ movement.

I wonder, can the Left make a case that proud homosexuality is compatible with America’s Judeo-Christian tradition without resorting to name-calling and petty insults? (Or maybe they prefer to attempt to make a rational case for overturning our religiously-informed sexual values system.) Calling someone mean or extreme for holding a traditional, even Biblical, position — e.g., keeping marriage as man-woman — does not cut it as an argument.

Historically, we mean-spirited, extremist, right-wing discriminators have a basis for asserting that state-sanctioned homosexual relationships and legalized “same-sex marriage” are a revolutionary departure from Western legal tradition. Ditto for “civil rights” based on homosexual “orientation” (itself a novel concept, historically speaking).  On what basis do homosexual activists label defenders of our Judeo-Christian tradition as ‘extreme’?

Have at it, Jeremy.  Or just keep calling us mean and extreme. That seems to be working for you. —Peter LaBarbera