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The following is a statement by Gary Glenn, the foremost pro-marriage activist in Michigan, and a nationally respected pro-family leader, who has emerged as a nightmare of sorts for Mitt Romney — by exposing Romney’s egregious flip-flopping over the years on abortion and the homosexual agenda: 

Statement by Gary Glenn following Huckabee’s Iowa Victory

(for purposes of identification only, president of the American Family Association of Michigan, which does not endorse or oppose candidates for public office)
The same coalition of social conservatives, Fair Tax advocates, and blue collar working families who voted for Gov. Huckabee in Iowa also lives here in Michigan.  Even before the boost Gov. Huckabee will obviously get from winning Iowa, four polls showed the race in Michigan to be a statistical tie between Gov. Huckabee and Mitt Romney — despite Romney’s paid staff and million-dollar TV buy in Michigan, versus no paid staff or advertising for Huckabee.
The fact that Gov. Huckabee is in a position to even threaten to defeat Mitt Romney in Romney’s native state is a remarkable testimony to the broad appeal of Gov. Huckabee’s positive message for America.  It is obviously not limited to one demographic group or one region of the country.  Gov. Huckabee doesn’t have to win Michigan to do well, but if he actually beats Romney in his native state, that will be a devastating blow to Romney’s prospects, especially if Mitt comes into Michigan not having won anywhere else.
Michigan is a strongly pro-life state where voters overwhelmingly approved a Marriage Protection Amendment in 2004. In the next ten days, Huckabee supporters will be working hard to make sure voters know the difference between Gov. Huckabee’s life-long record of working to protect traditional marriage and the lives of prenatal children, versus Mitt Romney’s long record of promoting abortion on demand and homosexual activists’ political agenda.
For example, Gov. Huckabee led the campaign for passage of a Marriage Protection Amendment in Arkansas, while Mitt Romney opposed a Marriage Protection Amendment to his state constitution while running for governor in 2002, then later flip-flopped on the issue after the horse was out of the corral.
Gov. Huckabee has been endorsed by Michigan Chooses Life, a statewide pro-life advocacy group, while Romney in 2002 was endorsed by the pro-abortion Majority for Choice PAC.  Gov. Huckabee is supported by pro-family and pro-marriage campaign leaders, while Romney was twice endorsed by the homosexual Log Cabin Republicans.
Where a candidate stands on such important issues is far more important to Michigan voters than where a candidate was born or who his father was..
Gov. Huckabee has also won the key endorsement in Michigan of the International Association of Machinists union, a third of whose members are Republicans.