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If this were ‘Huckabee-care,’ Ann Coulter would be writing another hit piece against him 

romney_care_abortion_benefit-2.JPG Abortion is listed as a $50 or $100 co-pay under “Benefit” in the “Commonwealth Care” plan touted by Gov. Romney. Click HERE for the Commonwealth Health Insurance Program benefit cost sheet PDF from which this is taken. (Emphasis added above.)

Hmmm. Abortion as a covered “benefit” under Gov. Romney’s vaunted health care insurance plan (the Commonwealth Health Insurance Program).  How did “CEO Romney,” a pro-life convert, let this get through?

The co-pay charge for this “benefit” is $50 for premium members or $100 for regular members. See the upper left side of page 2 of the PDF link. I wonder if Ann Coulter saw this before endorsing Romney…. — Peter LaBarbera

See page 2 of this: