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Does Adultery Matter? Liberal Blogger Rich Miller Blasts RFFV; Conservative Illinois Review Ignores Debra Olson Cheating Sex Scandal

Below is reprinted from Americans For Truth About Homosexuality (AFTAH). Note also that as of Tuesday afternoon, the influential "conservative" blog Illinois Review had yet to pick up on RFFV's Debra Olson/Brien Sheahan adultery story. However, thanks in part to Dave...

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BREAKING: Debra Olson, Candidate for DuPage County Board Chairman, Involved in Two Adulterous Affairs

'Pro-family' Republican and mom of four led sexual double-life; had illicit sex in family van, tryst in lawyer's home while his wife was away at Christian retreat; 2nd affair in 2004   ** RFFV EXCLUSIVE ** WARNING: Offensive Content   CORRECTIONS: Jean Allen wrote us...

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Mark Kirk’s Clintonesque ‘Gay’ Denial — and His Radically Pro-Homosexual and Pro-Abortion Voting Record

Dear RFFV Readers, We're back! With this post by my friend Laurie Higgins, Republicans for Family Values ( is reactivating after a long silence -- just in time for primary elections. The case of Congressman Mark Kirk running as a Republican for U.S....

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Theology Expert Says Obama ‘Grossly Distorts’ Scriptures to Support Homosexual Cause

Gagnon says Obama 'audaciously' twists Christ's Sermon on the Mount to affirm homosexuality A Special Report for Republicans For Family Values ( Note: RFFV has excerpted the text in question on pages 222-224 of Barack Obama's book, The Adacity of Hope,...

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