Note from Peter LaBarbera, publisher of this Republicans For Morality site (formerly Republicans For Family Values):

Here is an important item I just posted on my personal Facebook page, in advance of a story I’m writer for Illinois Family Action. It references the FOIA’d emails and email exchange below pertaining to outgoing DuPage County Sherrif John Zeruba’s February 17, 2017 decision to stop cooperating with ICE (Immigration & Customs Enforcement) detainer requests. Kent Kouba, whose name appears at the top of the emails, handles FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) requests for the Sheriff’s Office. DuPage County, west of Chicago, was once considered a Republican stronghold, but Democrats have made substantial inroads and Hillary Clinton easily beat Donald Trump there in 2016. This story is developing:

Stop Cooperating Fully with ICE: In this email, Sgt. Tim Schoenenberger of the DuPage County Sherrif’s Office writes regarding “ICE Detainees”: “Effective immediately, per Sheriff Zaruba, we will no longer be holding inmates with the detainers ICE sends. If someone is being released from the facility, these detainers will NOT be a reason to hold them. Efforts shall still be made to contact ICE of the [subject’s] impending release, and if they can arrive at our facility before they are released, we can still transfer them into ICE custody. Their release, however, cannot be delayed for the purpose of ICE picking them up. This does NOT pertain to active warrants sent by ICE on subjects in custody. Warrants will be honored and the subject will be held for pickup. Any questions, please let me know.”

From Peter LaBarbera’s Facebook page, March 7, 2018: Hey all, here is a local scoop from “Law and Order” DuPage County, Illinois, a once solidly conservative county west of Chicago. Just a teaser, as I’m writing a piece for IL Family Action on this. A year ago, DuPage’s (Republican) Sheriff, John Zaruba, instituted a new policy of NON-COOPERATION with ICE (US Immigration & Customs Enforcement) detainers. These are basically ICE’s requests to hold arrested illegals (in jail) for a short, extra period (no longer than 48 hours) so ICE can vet and potentially deport them. Obviously, it’s much easier to detain and deport a criminal illegal alien who is ALREADY IN JAIL than to find and arrest him out in his community.

Now here’s the kicker: Zaruba made this change the day after his office was protested by far-left pro-illegal-immigration activists (DuPage Progressives, Green Party, etc)! [See graphic below.] As far as I can tell, this Zaruba order caving on ICE detainers was not debated nor even reported–these emails came out through a FOIA request. (Months later, our RINO Gov. Rauner did something similar for the ENTIRE state of Illinois–outraging conservatives.) So now Republicans are saying we should NOT help ICE deport illegal aliens who are jailed or arrested for criminal activity? What do you think about this, especially you DuPage and IL citizens?


“Unfortunately no….”: In this email exchange, ICE deporation officer Emma Lapinski responds to Sgt. Tim Shoenenberger’s email notification on the new DuPage policy, asking him (likely citing a sample ICE detainer request): “The attached is what I would normally send for each person that I’d like you to hold for us (just an example, I send this over last week). Is this acceptable for you guys to hold them until the next morning for us to pick up?” Sgt. Shoenenberger then responds to Lapinski: “Unfortunately no. Our Sheriff says we can only hold them on warrants, so we’d need something signed by a judge in order to hold them. To be clear, we will still annotate that you want them based on those detainers, and contact you when we know they’ll be getting out [of prison], in the hopes that you can come get them before we have to release them. We just aren’t allowed to delay their release based on the detainers.”

This is the Facebook announcement of the “DuPage Progressives”-organized protest at Sheriff John Zaruba’s office Feb. 16, 2017 in Wheaton, Illinois. The next day Zaruba ended full cooperation with ICE.