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Candidate also promised but never delivered press release to respond to scandal

Republican DuPage County Chairman aspirant Debra Olson canceled a scheduled appearance at a Wayne Township Republican Organization (WTRO) candidate forum last evening, as she continues to remain silent on the cheating sex scandal reported by RFFV that has rocked her candidacy.

Olson confirmed her participation in the WTRO debate a couple of weeks ago, said WTRO Chairman Ken Spitz, and again communicated early in the evening to Spitz that she was coming but would be late. But then she never showed. Olson’s husband Don was present at the forum, as was Republicans For Family Values editor Peter LaBarbera.

Two of Olson’s GOP opponents in the DuPage County Chairman primary, Carol Pankau and Gary Grasso, gave presentations at the forum, which also included talks by candidates for other local and statewide offices.

Olson (right), who runs on a pro-family values record, continues to avoid discussing the adultery charges against her. RFFV has reported that Olson had a year-and-a-half adulterous relationship with Wheaton attorney David Allen in 1998-99, and then a second affair with fellow DuPage County Board member Brien Sheahan in 2004. (Olson and Sheahan were each first elected to the Board in 2002.) Both of Olson’s adulterous affairs were acknowledged by her husband Don in phone conversations with RFFV.

David Allen’s wife Jean relayed the details of Debra Olson’s long-term affair, with Jean’s now-repentant husband, in an interview with RFFV. In March 2004, Mr. Allen confessed to his wife affairs with many women, including Debra Olson. He then repented publicly to his church and resigned immediately from the elder board of Wheaton Bible Church and from several local organizations’ Boards. In contrast, Olson’s adulterous past has remained largely hidden, even to close associates, although some had heard of “rumors” about her illicit sexual conduct.

After refusing a week’s worth of interview requests from Republicans For Family Values editor LaBarbera to get her side of the story, Olson promised a press release Tuesday to a GOP news service (and available to all media),  in response to the RFFV story, which was published Monday. But that press release never came. Local media and even conservative Republican media — with the exception of Dave Diersen’s GOP USA Illinois e-mail news service, which circulates to over a thousand Illinois Republicans statewide — have yet to pick up on the story. (A Daily Herald reporter showed up at the Wayne Township forum last night in anticipation of Olson speaking and possibly addressing the adultery issue; Herald reporters are aware of the RFFV exposé but the paper has not yet covered the scandal.)

Nevertheless, thanks to the internet and Diersen’s news service, the Olson cheating sex scandal story has circulated widely in Republican circles in Illinois, engendering various reactions. One GOP activist in DuPage wrote in a mass e-mail that the RFFV article only confirmed long-standing rumors circulating in the county about Olson’s promiscuous behavior. The e-mail revealed that some GOP activists feared her reckless behavior could one day emerge and damage the Party. Others said that since Olson’s husband forgave her, the story should not have been published, as the affairs happened years ago. Some women, in particular, seemed more upset at Jean Allen than Debra Olson. Still others in separate communications commended RFFV for exposing Olson as a “fraud” and a “hypocrite.”

Brien Sheahan’s campaign also has not commented on the accusation — confirmed by Don Olson — that he (as a then single man) had an affair in 2004 with the married Debra Olson. Sheahan is running in the GOP primary for State Representative of the 41st House District, which includes Elmhurst.