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A taste of the ‘gay’ pillow talk in an Obama Administration

michelle_obama.jpgBy Peter LaBarbera

ST. PAUL, Minn.–Check out James Hartline’s piece on the “other side” of Michelle Obama — you know, the side that pleads with Democratic homosexual activists to overturn the Defense of Marriage Act, signed into law in 1996 by Democrat Bill Clinton.

Hartline writes:

Her push to repeal both the Defense of Marriage Act and the ban on homosexuality and lesbianism in the military, indicate that Michelle Obama is suffering from some type of political schizophrenia. One night she’s talking about faith and motherhood and basketball. The next day she’s instructing gay extremists to dismantle the institution of marriage. One thing that Michelle Obama is consistently demonstrating by her melodramatic and distasteful flip-flopping on family values is the fact that she will not be settling down to play house anytime soon.

What’s up with the Dems? They’re more committed than ever to promoting the homosexual politicial/cultural agenda, and yet they know they have to hide that from public, especially during propagandistic soirees like the Democratic convention in Denver. Sure, Barack Obama mentioned homosexuals in his nomination acceptance speech, but did he preach it from the mountaintop (or was that the temple portico?) that he wants to REPEAL THE DEFENSE OF MARRIAGE ACT?

No way. That would be a catastrophic departure from the Dems’ conservative-mimicking script in Denver. Can’t let those homophobic American rubes — especially the ones in Ohio and Pennsylvania — know about our true same-sex agenda now, can we? Nope, the double-game continues, and Democratic strategists are taking special care to keep their lavender clothes in the closet.

This tells me that the Cultural Elites have not yet succeeded in breaking down mainstream America’s moral norms. Much as the left-leaning media keep reminding us that “gay marriage” won’t be the make-or-break issue it was in 2004, they know deep down that it could be — so don’t look for the Fourth Estate to examine the Obamas’ “DOMA Destruction” plans until, say, November 5th.

And so, it’s up to Sen. John McCain, Gov. Sarah Palin and the Republicans to draw a stark contrast on “family values” between the GOP and the Democrats who insult Americans with their smarmy wholesome appeals while they (wink, wink) stoke the hopes of committed “queer” militants by preaching the Gay Gospel off stage. Will the Republicans expose Obama’s cynical marriage and abortion hypocrisy? The answer to that question will help decide if the GOP is serious about electing a President McCain. 

If you want to know what’s in store for America under an Obama Administration, forget the “soft” Michelle in Denver and listen to the her speech to the DNC’s Gay and Lesbian Leadership Council. The Democrats — with their schizophrenic “gay pride” — have handed the Republicans an issue on which, alone, they could practically capture the presidency. Will McCain, Palin & Co. take it?