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Check out this anti-Romney ad created by the homosexual activist Log Cabin Republicans which, strangely, does not mention Romney’s flip-flops on homosexuality. We agree with Log Cabin that Romney is a political chameleon, but it’s odd that Log Cabin chose to highlight issues other than the one that defines their organization.

Perhaps the LCR strategists understood that drawing attention to Romney’s support for a Federal Marriage Amendment would actually help him among Iowa voters. Regardless of the reason why, Log Cabin’s current and past support for “pro-choice” Republicans shows them to be the liberal special interest group that they are.

So if you’re a pro-life Republican, you’re a “religious extremist”? That’s pure bigotry and the sort of demonization we’re used to from the Left, not “conservatives” (as the Log Cabinites often claim to be). Republicans would be as foolish to drop their principled pro-life platform defending the unborn as they would be to embrace pro-homosexual “civil unions” or “same-sex marriage.” — Peter LaBarbera

P.S. After the spot plays, you can click on the various bottom images to watch coverage of the Log Cabin ad by major network news shows: